Our strength comes from you! 

Gang Alternative welcomes the involvement of students, professionals, retirees, interns and anyone else who wants to instill positive values and foster strong character and skills to help adolescents transition to productive adult life styles.

No matter if you are young or old, your time, resources, and talent will go a long way to help us in planning and running our events and programs. You can help advocate for us through your social network. You can become a member of our programs. And you can assist us with our many other initiatives.

We also offer community service hours for high school students.

Volunteering is all about giving, contributing, and helping other individuals and the community at large.  GA has a robust prevention track record. Our crowning achievement is our long-term success rate. 85% of the young people coming through our doors have gone on to become positive, productive adults.  The more we work together, the greater our impact.

Lastest News

Mar 29,2017

Gang Alternative Program help to Deter Gang Activity in Miami-Dade

The two detectives who were shot in northwest Miami-Dade Monday night were staking out gang activity, a problem that some local programs are trying to stop by deterring kids...